Texas Tailwheel Flight Training

Texas Tailwheel is an independently owned & operated flight training provider currently operating in the Dallas area. Our goal is to help you reach your flight training goals in a safe, efficient, cost-effective manner.

A Cessna 140’s tailwheel

Our primary instructor, Ryan, is currently employed as full time aerial photographer and he enjoys instructing part-time (usually just evenings and weekends) on the side. His background includes experience in a wide range of 40+ types of small aircraft, including a range of tailwheel aircraft, since 2003.

Ryan is available outside of his full-time employment’s hours by appointment. We are currently able to work with tailwheel students in a Cessna 140 that is available for rental at Dallas Executive Airport. Our currently schedule only allows us to take on one or two primary students at a time due to time constraints, but we can work clients in for flight reviews, tailwheel endorsements, or general proficiency training.

We charge by scheduled hourly blocks for all training (flight and ground) and the current rate is $50/hr at Dallas Executive Airport. For scheduled lessons away from our home field but within 20 miles the rate is $60/hr. Other opportunities will be quoted based on location and duration. We reserve the right to charge differently as circumstances or risks dictate but will be frank with the client if that is the case.

Our first aircraft, a Taylorcraft BC-12D

To schedule a flight please leave a message at (469)-740-2222 or email us at: tailwheelflightinstructor@gmail.com

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Below is a video of a student Ryan soloed in a Piper Cub back in 2012 down in the San Antonio area.