Texas Tailwheel is currently run by primary instructor - Ryan, a 7 year CFI with over 4000 hours of experience including around 935+ in tailwheel.

Our current instructor rate is $50/hr in our aircraft and most other light aircraft. For high-performance or complex aircraft, and experimental aircraft instruction we charge $65/hr. 

Ryan in Cessna 120

Ryan believes in teaching a balance of "old school" basics while embracing modern technology. He believes that the fundamentals of "stick and rudder" are of utmost importance, whilst also believing that students should learn to wisely integrate modern technology in the cockpit for improved operational capabilities.

He will teach you to fly a maneuver to PTS standards, and as shown in the animation below, is not afraid to use modern technology to help you visualize the maneuvers you have just flown and help you improve.

Training Example