Texas Tailwheel is introducing our private pilot ground school classes in the DFW area at Dallas Executive Airport. If you are interested in attending the ground school, call us at 469-740-2222. Leave a message if we are out flying and do not answer. 

Right now we will be holding a Monday evening class, but we may expand to an additional class night on either Friday or Saturday evening as well. 

Class Information:

  • Time: Every Monday night at 6:30 PM starting Jan. 18th.
    If you can't make the first few classes, LATE STARTS are OK!
  • Location: Dallas Executive Airport - at the Ambassador Jet Center facilities. 
  • Length: Approximately 2.5 hours with a small break in the middle
  • Semester: 8 weeks with one make-up session if needed. If you miss a few of the first classes, but still want to attend, come on out! We intend to start over for a new batch of students at the end of the course.
  • Class materials:
  • Cost: $400 up front, $65 per class ($520) if pay-as-you-go. 
  • Other requirements: If you come to the first class as an up front payment and decide not to continue, we will refund $350 to you. Otherwise, the charge is a flat rate for the entire course.
  • Personal sessions are available for those that cannot complete the course, or cannot participate in the scheduled classes, but we charge our regular instruction rates for those classes.
  • Syllabus: A syllabus will be made available to those enrolling in the course. The course will cover everything required in FAR 61.105(b). If you complete the course, we will provide appropriate logbook entries to reflect that.

This course is perfect for any private pilot students working on getting their license to fly an airplane. It doesn't matter if you are flying a Diamond, Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, Aeronca, Taylorcraft, Luscombe, Light Sport aircraft, or any other type. This course would also be useful for pilots getting back into aviation that are rusty and unfamiliar with the current environment.

Your flight instructor has been teaching for more than six years and has a full time job flying with an aerial photography company. He flies over 750 NM every week in small aircraft and has experience in a broad range of light aircraft and conditions.