Texas Tailwheel Flight Training

Texas Tailwheel is an independently owned & operated flight training provider currently operating in the Dallas area. Our goal is to help you reach your flight training goals in a safe, efficient, cost-effective manner.

Our primary instructor, Ryan, is currently employed as full time aerial photographer and he enjoys instructing part-time (usually just evenings and weekends) on the side. He has over 5500 hours of single-engine aircraft flight time, including over 1000 hours of tailwheel experience and has over 2000 hours of instruction. His background includes experience in a wide range of 40+ types of small aircraft, including a range of tailwheel aircraft, since 2003.

Ryan’s first aircraft, a Taylorcraft BC-12D


Ryan is available by appointment, outside of his primary commitments to his aerial photography work and family time. He is currently able to work with students in a Luscombe 8A about 25 minutes south of downtown Dallas at 25XS – Moonbow Airport. We are currently only accepting dual only clients for tailwheel endorsements, flight reviews, or checkouts and general proficiency training since we do not have access to a good primary trainer for private pilots at this time – although access to a Cessna 150, Piper Colt, Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee or similar aircraft is desired – if you have an aircraft and would be interested in working with Ryan, please send a message!


Pricing falls into two categories: Instructor and aircraft

Instructor: We charge by scheduled hourly blocks for all training and the current rate is $60/hr for instructor time at our home field or within 30 minutes driving distance. Most appointments are for 2 hour blocks unless cross-country flying is involved. We do not upcharge for most over-runs, and hangar flying after the lesson (if a lesson needs to go to 2 hours and 15 minutes, we don’t upcharge you as long as we don’t have someone scheduled afterwards) but round to the nearest hour. Expect most lessons to include $120 for instructor time.

Off home field and in other aircraft but within 50 miles the rate is $70/hr for the time blocks. Other opportunities will be quoted based on distance to the location and duration. We reserve the right to charge differently as circumstances or risks dictate but will be up front with the client about it.

Aircraft: Our current aircraft is a Luscombe 8A that is currently running $120/hr charged at 1.3 times tach time, or by a stopwatch of engine running, by tenths of an hour. Most flights are between 1.2-1.6 of aircraft time, which is generally $140-200 for the plane per lesson. We work to keep our costs down, but fuel, insurance, parts and other maintenance fees have been going up, not down lately.

Location: Our primary aircraft is located about 25 minutes south of downtown Dallas at 25XS – Moonbow Airport.

Consulting: If you are interested in purchasing or selling an aircraft or would like to get an opinion on an light single-engine aircraft in the DFW area, get help with a checkout, review logbooks, or other similar things, we can arrange to help. $40/hour for ground work.

Photography: Ryan is also a professional photographer with Red Wing Aerial Photography and can arrange to help take photos of your aircraft. Contact for details and rates.

To schedule a flight or chat with the instructor please text or call (469)-740-2222. Please leave a detailed message if we are flying or unavailable, or email us at: tailwheelflightinstructor@gmail.com

Below is a video of a student Ryan soloed in a Piper Cub back in 2012 down in the San Antonio area.

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